Floral 3D Magnets

3D Butterfly Magnets

Although we do not currently have these products listed individually online, they are available for purchase (same price as a clip of the same species) - just purchase a butterfly clip and send us an email requesting that it be made into a magnet and we will set you up! Prices will be identical to the same butterfly sold as a clip or stem.
butterfly magnet

If our popular laminated magnets are not fancy enough for you - look out for our 3D-Magnets!

Only The Butterfly Store can bring you this fabulous, high-end, fancy 3D Magnet made out of real butterflies!

Like our clips and stems, our real butterfly 3D magnets are specially treated so that you can enjoy the fabulous iridescence and beauty of real butterfly wings on a magnet - you will be able to choose a fancy swirl post or an unobtrusive, clear acrylic post to move the magnet around with.

The Butterfly Store is the only vendor in the world that can even create this product!