Macro Bug Photography


All of these pictures are copyrighted by Drew Briney, who took them on a Canon Rebel XSI with a 100 mm 1:1 macro lens. Most of these macro photographs were taken with additional 10x and 4x diopters. The original pictures are about 12.2 megapixels - they have been modified to a small size for easier downloading.

You are welcome to use any of these photographs for non-commercial use.
If you would like to use one for your website (even if it is a commercial website), you may do so if you provide a link back to this page and credit the source.


Phyllium Giganteum - the Queen of the Leaf Bugs - is one of the more interesting bugs that we carry. Phylium GIganteum
Phyllium Giganteum Another angle of the Giant Leaf Bugs.
Whether you call this huge beetle Goliathui Albesignothas Kirkianus or just the Goliath Beetle, you will surely agree that he has an intimidating gaze! Goliath Beetle
Goliathui Albesignothas Kirkianus Another angle on the fabulous Goliath beetle.
We haven't been able to trace down the genus/species of this beetle recently but it sounds like Megalahootay... Megalahootay
Megalahootay 2 Another angle...
  Megalahootay 3