Macro Butterfly Photography


Check out these exquisite photographs of butterflies - up close and very personal!

All of these pictures are copyrighted by Drew Briney, who took them on a Canon Rebel XSI with a 100 mm 1:1 macro lens. Most of these macro photographs were taken with additional 10x and 4x diopters. The original pictures are about 12.2 megapixels - they have been modified to a small size for easier downloading.

You are welcome to use any of these butterfly photographs for non-commercial use.
If you would like to use one for your website (even if it is a commercial website), you may do so if you provide a link back to this page and credit the source.


This is the forewing of Phoebis Argante. macro photography: phoebis argante
macro photography butterfly: urania ripheus

Urania Ripheus.

Believe it or not, there is absolutely no post production editing of this picture - this is exactly what it looks like coming out of the camera!

This rainbow section is from the underside of the hindwing and demonstrates why this moth is called the "Sunset Moth."

Morpho Sulkowski - isn't this what you would expect a purple dragon wing to look like? macro photography butterfly: morpho sulkowski
macro photography butterfly: morpho zephyrites

Morpho Zephyrites.

This is the color that you strongly see when looking at the Zephyrites head on.

Notice how these morpho scales are tightly woven together - this makes the wings very reflective - the Zephyrites is particularly reflective.

Morpho Zephyrites.

This is one of those pictures that surprises the photographer. This morpho is mostly aqua blue and standard blue. However, on a macro level, the purples that only seem to show up at extreme angles show up quite frequently.

macro photography butterfly: morpho zephyrites
macro photography: morpho aurorina This is Morpho Aurorina. If you compare the morpho scales with other butterflies, you will notice that they are more tightly packed together - again, this is what makes them reflective - like a mirror.
Even at a macro level, the Morpho Deidamia Deidami shines forth as one of the most elegant butterflies imaginable. macro photography butterfly: morpho deidamia deidamia
macro photography butterfly: doxocopa cherubina This is Doxocopa Cherubina - one of the most iridescent butterflies that we carry.

Ornithoptera Croessus Lydius - the largest orange butterfly on the planet and one of our favorites!

No house that admires the creations of God should be without this fabulous butterfly!

macro photography butterfly: croessus lydius
macro photography butterfly: caligo polyxena

This is Caligo Polyxena - the largest all purple butterfly on the planet and also one of our favorites.

This photograph strongly demonstrates the "carpet" look of butterfly scales close up.

Papilio Zagreus - notice how the hairs (placed next to the body to keep it warm when its wings are in resting position) appear like a little feather. macro photography butterfly: papilio zagreus
macro photography butterfly: morpho deidamia deidamia

Another beautiful picture of the Morpho Deidamia Deidamia. Notice how the scales are perfectly organized in the "carpet weave."

This angle demonstrates the most common color of the Deidamia - however, if you look at some of the other pictures, you will notice more purple colors showing up.

This is one of those fabulous images where you can see the "carpet weave" of the butterfly very well.


macro photography butterfly: morpho deidamia deidamia
macro photography butterfly: morpho deidamia deidamia As with many of these pictures, it is interesting to note that these butterfly wings appear flat when looking at them without magnification - however, under magnification, they are clearly very three dimensional and wavy.

Phoebis Philea - our happy face butterfly.

The wing color was a little over-exposed on this picture but the abstract effect was too nice to pass up.

This photograph is of the wing just next to the orange eyes.

macro photography butterfly: phoebis philea
macro photography butterfly: morpho rhetenor

Morpho Rhetenor - of all of the morphos, the Rhetenor has the strongest purple hues.

From straight on, the Rhetenor is dark blue - from an angle, it can appear aqua blue or purple as this macro shot demonstrates.

Morpho Sulkowski - in this shot, you can clearly see the pattern of the underside showing through these rather clear top scales. macro photography butterfly: morpho sulkowski
macro photography butterfly: morpho sulkowski

Moroph Sulkowski.

If you look closely, you will notice that this is the same wing as the picture directly above!

However, because of the iridescent properties of this butterfly, it appears purple from this angle.

This is Morpho Deidamia Deidamia again - this time, a macro shot of the "carpet weave." macro photography butterfly: morpho deidamia deidami
macro photography butterfly: morpho deidamia deidamia

Morpho Deidamia Deidamia. This is a close-up shot of the forewing.

Note the detail of the scales where the wings meet.

Another artistic splash of the Morpho Zephyrites.

Notice the variety of colors - aqua blue on the top right hand side of the picture - and purples on the left side. If you look at the full size shot, you will also notice those pinks more prominantly.

macro photography butterfly: morpho zephyrites

macro photography butterfly: morpho zephyrites

This is a final shot of the Morpho Zephyrites - check back soon for some more great macro shots!